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Why You'll Love working with us

Over the years we have worked with many local businesses like Uptown Jungle (Mesa) and Barnes and Noble to bring the magic of story telling to their customers.

Our partners know how important it is for children to get lost in a story and see themselves represented in the characters. In addition to driving engagement with current customers, they also get to build relationships with new people of all ages.

What we do


  • provide characters of all types –  both inspired by the beloved, well-known, and original stories
  • create events to support or carry your theme and desired experience 
  • provide transcendent casting (by request only) whereby a character is reimagined in terms of gender, race, size, ability, etc. Imagine the Toy Doctor (inspired by Doc McStuffins) being a character of different abilities such as being in a wheelchair!
  • provide activities that inspire learning, curiosity, understanding, and FUN!
  • provide support/events to help drive engagement for your tenants by bringing more people to your business and incorporating materials and “shout outs” to vendors (Such as the Mermaid Princess sharing her new found thingamabob from a nearby store)
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Our Mission

Beyond the Page Entertainment is all about storytelling in a fun, interactive way designed to create an immersive experience where participants are swept up into the story rather than simply a passive bystander.

At BTPE our mission is to ensure inclusivity such that every child can see themselves in the story as the “main character”.  We intend that every child can experience fairytales, fiction, adventure and more from multiple points of view, so stories are told and retold from multiple perspectives, in multiple languages, including ASL, using characters from diverse backgrounds.

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*Disclaimer: We are pleased to offer magical moments with our favorite characters from fiction, folktales, and fairytales! We do not offer characters that are under copyright. We create and invent new tellings for beloved stories and our storytellers aim to create magic without infringing on the rights of other creators. We ask that those that join in our storytelling adventure understand that our characters are reinterpretations of timeless stories. Any copyrighted character would have to be obtained through the copyright holder.

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