Party Boxes

Find the perfect party package to bring magic and creativity to your little one’s special day! 

Fill Their Eyes With Wonder

While Large Social Birthday Parties may be placed on hold right now, we at Beyond The Page Parties believe that a birthday can still encompass a large amount of Magic. 

Spooky decorations for halloween party

Fun on any occasion

We have looked to ways to tailor our birthday and party activities to maximize the amount of fun your little ones can have at home.

From the comfort of home

We have recreated our adventures so that you can enjoy them from the comfort and convenience of your home!  Along with our activities you can also still have interactions with our storytellers!

a tea pot next to handmade cookies

Find the perfect party package to bring magic and creativity to your little one’s special day! Each package is set with the ability to create a magical story that your child gets to take part in. 

We offer the activity delivered to you through the mail for D.I.Y. fun! Or for an extra special treat add a Virtual Storyteller to enhance the experience!

If you don’t see the story that excites your imagination, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to write the story that meets your party needs!

Tea Box

⚘ Tea Set

⚘ Etiquette Lessons

⚘ Cookie Packs

⚘ Decorations

5-Activity Superhero Course

⚘ Comes with two capes/masks

⚘ Superhero ID Card

⚘ How To Name Your Hero Sheet

⚘ Ball Toss (Cup Game)

⚘ Pin The Symbol On The Hero

⚘ Jump Course

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

⚘ Mini pumpkins and cauldrons to find in the yard or around the house

⚘ Find a pumpkin and there’s a treat

⚘ Find a cauldron and there’s a task

⚘ Decorations

Introducing... Fairy Dusted Activty Boxes!

Child's activity box with princess dress and stickers

Our Newest Offering...Right to your door!

These are perfect for a day of dress up, as a special gift or even in lieu of a traditional halloween costume! We offer princesses, heroes, pirates, unicorns and so much more!

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