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Hi, I'm Natashia!

Creator Of Magic and Memories

You can imagine me much as you would Willy Wonka or Peter Pan. My role is to bring you into the story and open your world to magic never before imagined! I take many of my inspirations from fiction and fairytales and hope to create an experience you’ll remember for ages to come!

I have been an experience creator for over ten years and have worked for entertainment companies such as Disney, celebration companies including Edible Arrangements, and Character Entertainment companies that specialized in Birthday Parties. I am taking my love for stories, the stage, and the magic of suspension of disbelief and bringing you moments that will create memories I hope to last a lifetime!

​I have done event planning for over six years at conventions across the country. And I was often the go to person for parties for my family and friends. I’m a fun maker and my desire is to make sure that families experience magical moments without the stress and hassels that can come from a special day!

Beyond The Page Parties

Here at Beyond The Page Parties we are not Disney Princesses. (We love them, but we’re not them.)

What we are is a company that loves story telling. We enjoy passing on the fairytales, folktales, and fables from our childhood.

We want to give children a chance to expand their minds and dream in all the colors! That every story has another way to tell it, a new way to see it, and a chance to discover new gems from it!

Most importantly, we want to instill a message the way the great fairytales always did. That every child can be a Prince or Princess, no matter what size you are, what color you are, or where you come from.

Every child can become what they can imagine and we want to inspire them to imagine bigger.

Our words are entertainment, our actions become the lessons learned.

Beyond The Page Entertainment LLC

Beyond the Page Entertainment LLC is a multi-faceted company. It consists of Enchanted Dishes – a themed bakery, Fiction Bound – a clothing and accessory line, and Beyond The Page Parties – character entertainment and party boxes.

With these,  BTP Entertainment strives to provide magical moments that become treasured memories.

We also hope to create another kind of magic. An inclusive, hopeful type of magic that every person can posses.

We hope to create love, through our passions, our connections, and our message, we hope that we can create an environment of love and acceptance!

Every child deserves the chance to know that they are loved. Even our big kids need to hear it from time to time, and we hope to express our love to all of you through our actions and interactions.

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